Going back to my roots

Happy Thursday!

When I woke this morning, I was all excited that it was Friday. However, I quickly realized that I was wrong. But when its Thursday that means only two more work days until the weekend! When Friday at 4pm rolls around I am outta’ here!

Anywho, back to reality….

Last night I had the opportunity to get myself pampered by getting my hair done! Over the past couple months; I’ve been slowly highlighting my hair back to a glowing blonde color. Here’s why…

Late last fall I decided that it would be a fabulous idea to drastically change my hair color and go dark brown. Yes, I shocked people! My mom, coworkers and fellow gym members barely recognized me. I liked the new look, because of the attention I received. However, with my complexion and the lack of sun in Washington in the winter, I looked like a ghost. Not only did I look like a ghost, I didn’t feel like my normal self. It was like I was trying to change myself into being someone I wasn’t. I didn’t have the self confidence I once had and I hated every picture taken of me. I wanted my glowing blonde hair back now!


Christmas Eve 2012- Too dark

By February I was over the dark hair, I mean over it. I wanted to snap my fingers and be blonde again. However, the process wouldn’t be so easy. I didn’t want to fry my hair instantly. Going back to blonde isn’t always the best thing for your hair if you aren’t naturally that color. I wouldn’t say I am a natural blonde, but maybe more of a dirty blondish color. But in my mom’s eyes, I am a blonde no matter what.


Last September- Big difference right?!

My appointment yesterday would be my second hair appointment since deciding to go back to my desired hair color. Once my full foil was completed, I was ecstatic with the results! My hair stylist also gave me a quick 10 minute mask under the dryer to give me some extra hydration. The product is Wen Six-Thirteen Cleansing Treatment. If you haven’t tried this brand, I highly recommend it. My hair felt so silky and smooth, I was amazed.

Here are the results! Sorry about the famous bathroom picture with the Iphone. I was desperate!


Overall, yesterday was a success! I just hope the sun comes out soon so that it will naturally lighten my hair! Sorry for the picture, I hate taking pictures of myself. It’s always so awkward!

Have you ever changed something about yourself then realized it wasn’t you?

Have a good afternoon!


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