Seahawk 12k Results

Top of the morning to you all! The sun even decided to make its debut on this beautiful Monday morning!

Let’s recap on the Seahawks 12k from yesterday! Yesterday, my mom and I made our way down to the Seahawk 12k at the Renton Landing. I was a bit worried about the weather, because it was starting to sprinkle. I wasn’t too keen about running in the rain, but hey you have to make the best of it! Once we made it down there and found parking, we made our way to the main event area. There were so many people (roughly 5,000), many were dressed up wearing tutu’s, green wigs, wings, and even full football outfits! At the end of the race, there is a costume contest and some people really go all out. Seattle fans are the best fans!

My mom was in charge of taking pictures for me and she did a great job.

IMG_1470[1] IMG_1474[1]

We had to get a picture of these people’s wings! So creative!

IMG_1477[1] IMG_1473[1]

The wide load cart was hilarious!

Even the Seagals made it out to cheer us on!


There’s Blitz!


Look who I found! Sasha and Sara!

Right at the start of the race, of course it started raining. Luckily, it didn’t last long just sprinkling a little bit throughout the entire race. It actually was refreshing by the end.


Post race- Tired, Sweaty and Wet.

I managed to get in quick smile for the camera!

We didn’t stay long after I finished since it was continuing to rain a bit and my mom of course didn’t wear a hoodie or bring an umbrella. Typical Seattleite.

I was excited to see that I did beat my time from last year! NEW Personal Record for a race! Wahoo! I beat by time by 1 minute and 4 seconds. 61.18! 

The rest of the day consisted of going to the grocery store, renting Les Miserables, sitting on the couch, more sitting on the couch and well…I think you see where I am going with this!


Hey I did manage to paint my finger nails though!



Apparently, I wasn’t the only one enjoying a lazy afternoon. Kasa didn’t move from the couch either….rough life!

I am hoping to get a good run in this afternoon after work, since it’s supposedly going to be in the 60’s!!!

Have a good Monday!




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