Tree Roots+Stretching

I am running a bit late today with my post, but here is a recap of today!

Unfortunately I awoke with a nasty headache. I am going to see the eye doctor tomorrow to determine if my eye slight is contributing to these headaches. Lately, my eye slight has been getting blurry which is strange, because I’ve always had perfect vision. Maybe I spoke too soon….Also starring at a computer screen most of the day could be a factor too, but that is nothing new.

Fortunately, my headache went away and I arrived at work with a lovely surprised waiting on my chair.


I can never say no to Starbucks! Apparently it is Administrative Appreciation week! 🙂

It was such a beautiful day today, not a cloud in the sky and 65 degrees!!! I couldn’t wait to leave work and go on a run! However, I did run into an obstacle once I got to the gym. I forgot SOCKS! Who forgets socks? <——-This girl. I didn’t let it ruin my evening, I just drove home put on socks and ran around my neighborhood.

Since I ran pretty far on Sunday for the Seahawks 12k, I knew today would be a slower run. But I wouldn’t let that get to me. I ended up running 9.23 miles looping all over the place.


I love using the Map My Run App

Around mile 7 or so, my calves were tightening up a bit so I knew that I should stop for a minute and stretch them out. Luckily, I was coming up to Beaver Lake Park.


What a beautiful view and not a cloud in the sky.


I found a nice tree root to stretch out my calves. Random, but it worked! I highly recommend tree roots.

Once, I was done stretching I was off to finish my run. Low and behold, there are a million hills where I live so I decided to not run up the last one. Walking sounded fantastic after 9+ miles. I am about 110 percent positive that my legs will be very angry tomorrow. Common complaints of a runner!

Enjoy your evening. I will be on the couch!



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