Just Keep Spinning

Just keep swimming just keep spinning! Alot of people ask me how I keep my endurance level so high during the winter months. When I am not able to get outside and run, I choose to take spinning classes. I don’t always like running on the treadmill, because it is boring. Unless I have my kindle, then I can get sucked in. People are amazed that I can run and read at the same time. I have skill. 🙂


I cracked up when I saw this.


How cycling can make you a better runner

Washington has the stereotype of raining constantly and being so gray and dreary. Well, I agree with this when it comes to winter. The rain and ugly weather keeps me from running outside far too much. I found an alternative to keep my endurance up during the winter months. Spinning! Yes, spinning I said it. I started going to Flywheel classes consistently throughout the winter months and I was astonished that when I did run outside I kept a good pace and could run just as far.

Here are some of my own reasons why you should start taking spinning classes.

1. Builds strength. Spinning is an intense leg exercise that incorporates interval training.

2. The intense cardio helps with speed work.

3. Unlike running, spinning gives you relief from pounding your feet into the pavement.

4. It is a great alternative when the weather is ugly outside to run.

5. You are more likely to push yourself and not give up when the instructor is giving you guidance.

When I am taking a spinning class and I am less likely to give less than my all, because I know it will help my overall running capability.  I was shocked that I still could run 8-10 miles outside after only taking spin classes and using the elliptical during the winter months.

Do you enjoy spinning?

How do you keep your endurance up during winter months?


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