Treadmill Debate

Treadmill vs. Outside Debate

Okay, am I the only one that has a love hate relationship with the treadmill? Hopefully not. I’ve read mixed reviews; some people prefer the treadmill while others cannot stand using them. I am somewhere in the middle. If I have to run on a treadmill, I better have a good book on my kindle to suck me in, if not then I am SOL. I get bored running on a treadmill; the scenery is the same and ya just boring. I seem to get tired quicker, because there is no change. When I am outside, I can tune everything out, stare at cars, pretend that I am racing them in stop and go traffic and so on. Basically, I can just push myself more outside and I can choose my hills/course.

My longest run on a treadmill to date is 10 miles; I was sucked into a book on my kindle that day apparently. It probably wasn’t the fastest run, but I did work.

I find it the hardest to keep up with my runs during the winter months when it isn’t nice out. The treadmill is like a curse.

Thanks for reading my evening rambles/complaints about running. 


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