Why do you Run?

why do you run

Why do you run? People ask me all the time. Tara, why do you run so much? What do you get out of it? I’ve never been able to pin post one reason why I run. After asking myself this many times, here are my answers:

It is better than walking.

It is time when my mind can wander.

I can make it competitive whether it’s on the treadmill or while running in races. 

It is great way to exercise. Duh!

To stay in shape.

To push myself harder than I normally would,

Set examples for my friends and family.

Inspire others to get out and be healthy.

I run because I am addicted to the runner’s high. 

Running turns a bad day into a good day.

I run because I just love to run.


Now, ask yourself the same. Why do you run? Why do you partake in the sport you love?



  1. Great post! I never tire of reading about others’ motivation to run. I would agree or say yes to most of the reasons you’ve mentioned already, but I run mostly to challenge myself, to find out how hard I can push myself and to have space.to let my mind wander too. Running also helps me to justify the range and quantity of food I eat, haha!!

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