How Not to Get Hit by a Car While Running

 How Not to Get Hit by a Car While Running

Cars and Runners do not mix.

When the weather gets nicer, you tend to see more and more runners or cyclists out. Makes sense right? Why stay in the gym when you can get some fresh air and maybe a tan outside when exercising? It is a win-win situation in my book! However, it seems that regardless of this, drivers do not pay attention to runners.

Last year, I almost got hit multiple times while running. And let me tell you, I don’t wear all black or run at night. It was clear as day and I wear neon colored clothing to make myself extra visible. However, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. My biggest close call was when I was crossing over a driveway by a bank when a car pulled out and I had to jump into the street. Luckily, I didn’t jump into oncoming traffic!


Tips for Runners:

  1. Don’t run in the dark without some sort of “flashy” lights.
  2. Don’t assume that drivers see you. More and more drivers are distracted by texting, talking on the phones, changing the radio station, putting their makeup on or just too dumb to see you.
  3. Wear bright clothing! I have neon green/pink shoes and I always wear a bright shirt.
  4. Make sure you stop too at intersections or driveways. Drivers don’t always stop nor look both ways before turning.

Tips for Drivers:

  1. Look both ways.

images (1)

  1. Stop for Runners or cyclists.
  2. Stop using devices that are distracting. This is just a good law in general that should be followed.

 images (2)

Have you had a close encounter?

Do you run in populated streets or areas? 



  1. Yet another reason I trail run. I only have to watch out for bikes, horses, bears, and moose 🙂 But truthfully, I trail run because my knees are poo and can’t handle pounding the pavement.

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