Fun Facts Friday 5/31/2013

Can you believe today is the last day of May? We are already half way through 2013. I can barely believe it!! 🙂

  1. Seattle is going to be getting a much needed dose of sun this upcoming week! I cannot wait.


2. I really really need some new running shoes. I keep bouncing around between staying with Asics or trying out a new shoe brand. Thoughts? I’ve heard wonderful comments about Saucony.



Love these!! I love my green shoes!

  1. Sunday is the Susan G Komen 5k! My mom and I will be doing it in remembrance of my grandma and great grandma who both had breast cancer. My mom found a pink tutu for her to wear…I decided that I will not wear one. I think it will bother me when I run. Instead, I need to find some pink tights! 
  2. I get my hair done tomorrow night. Woot. Hello Blonde!
  3. I had some fantastic Thai last night. I forgot to take a pic. Crap! It was Beef Noodle Soup. I chose 3 stars and baby it was spicy hot! 
  4. I wish the workday was over now. I.Need.A.Nap! 
  5. Tomorrow starts the challenge that Colleen at The Lunchbox Dairies put together. Check it out! 

Okay, back to work for me! 

What are you up to this weekend?

Any races coming up this month?


Challenge Accepted

Good Afternoon!

I was over at Colleen’s blog The Lunchbox Dairies reading about her new challenge that I think all of you should consider trying! For the month of June, Colleen put together a challenge to move for 30 minutes, 4 times per week. Sounds do-able right?! Right!!

I’ve accepted this challenge, because it sounds fun and I love encouraging others to engage in physical activities.


Head over to Colleen’s blog and sign up! What do you have to lose? Plus, there are some lovely prizes from Love Grown Foods up for grabs at the end!! Who doesn’t love prizes?!

Anywho! I am excited for June and this challenge to begin. Also, don’t forget that next Wednesday is National Running Day! If you remember, I pledged to run 100 miles by 6/5/2013. I am getting close to my goal; unfortunately the weather has cooperated that well so most of my miles come from the elliptical or treadmill. Oh well, I knew it would happen! Luckily, next week’s forecast looks great!!

Enjoy your Thursday!!

Are you participating in any challenges next month or for the summer?

One Word Wednesday 5/29/2013

Thursday already? What the heck! I am not complaining, because that means that tomorrow is Friday! Woot!

I just remember that I forgot about One Word Wednesday! Sorry about that….I felt that it was necessary to do yesterday’s post. I’ll make up for One Word Wednesday now.

My fellow blogger Lindsay at Lindsay’s List, hosts One Word Wednesday. The only rule of “One Word Wednesday” is that you must label your pictures with one word. Sounds fun right? Heck yes! Sometimes finding one word to describe a picture is hard; you are allowed to do the #hashtag style.















images (1)

Reading- Source

How was your Wednesday?

Read any good novels lately? Seen any movies? I loved Fast and Furious 6. I saw it on Memorial day!

I’ll be back later with some more fun stuff!

Some interesting reads:


Keeping secrets

Let’s get real here and quit keeping secrets. I read something this morning that really hit a nerve. “Secrets keep you sick. Eating disorders thrive on secrets.” Those who struggle with ED strive to keep their disorder a secret from others in every way possible. They hid their over exercising, negative behavior, binging, purging, under eating, etc. This secret is what keeps them going on and on with no end in sight. The person feeds off the secret and the secret relies on the person. Makes sense right?


I’ve mentioned that I have been struggling with an ED for many years. Since high school to be exact, roughly six to seven years now.  I haven’t really gone into the nitty gritty about my ED other than my background and why I decided to write this blog. I may get really into the details on this post, just fyi if I begin to ramble

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been really trying to dig deep and figure out why I cannot kick this ED or learn more. I feel as though, I’ve been lying to my readers about my secret. How can I write a healthy living/running blog if I am sick myself? This all came up when I started thinking about why I didn’t become a dietitian or go further into the exercise science program while in college. The first reason was because I would be a hypocrite. Why do you ask? Because at this time, my ED was in full effect and how would I be able to tell/educate others in how they should eat or maintain their bodies when all I am doing is hurting mine. I couldn’t bare to do that, so I switched gears and go a Business Degree instead.

Moving forward, my ED has had its ups and downs. I’ve hit the bottom and moved on up since then, but lately I’ve been at a plateau. I still exercise the same amount everyday, because I feel that I have too in order to maintain my size. I know that you shouldn’t feel that you have too workout but instead want too. For me, I have/want to workout. There are no rest days, because I cannot handle the anxiety of changing up my routine. I want to be able to control everything from food to working out to my everyday activities. I cannot believe that I’ve let my ED restrict me from so many things. I wouldn’t go out to dinner for many years, because I didn’t know how many calories were going to be in my meal. Instead, I’d just workout like crazy beforehand and pray that I’ve burned off enough. I restricted my calorie intake throughout most of the day and mostly lived off protein and energy drinks. I lived off of one meal a day for many years. Let’s just say, I was well below the normal 1200-1400 caloric intake per day, especially adding exercise to the mix.

I know what I am saying is all bad and yes I know. I’ve heard it for years, and I have learned that by shinning the light on an issue can actually feed the issue. When people would say, “You look so skinny!” I’d take that as a compliment, when I know it isn’t truly. When friends would criticize what I ate, I turned that into them noticing and somehow twist it all around to not look as bad. It is almost like I thrived for that attention to my “secret.” Well, not so much of a secret anymore.

I’ve been told countless times to eat more protein for how much I workout. Or eat this, not that. Why aren’t you eating? You don’t need to run. Blah, blah, blah. It would result in me pretty much just crying and saying, “I know!” Someone lecturing me will do nothing. I am a stubborn person and only I will make the steps to change. Unfortunately, my ED has hurt my relationships with others and I am sorry for that. It is something that they may not understand fully of how much it can latch on.

Where I am going with this? I am not entirely 100 percent sure. I just want to be upfront with my readers that I am not perfect and I struggle every single day with my ED. There is a reason I don’t post what I eat everyday, because it isn’t good for me. One day, I would love too, but right now I cannot. I am learning more about myself and how I can get better overall. I still cannot step on a scale and do not want too. I know I’ve gained weight since my break up last year and I know it was for a good reason, but I do not want to know the number.

I want that confidence that others have and I will get that back. Creating this blog has helped alot. I can relate to many of my readers which shows that I am not alone.

Sorry for a depressing post, but it was time. Welcome to my life.

Liebster Blog Award Nominee

Hello! I received a lovely surprise from Hayley this morning! She nominated me for the Liebster Award. This is a great honor to be nominated especially since I am fairly “new” to the blogging world. It makes me even happier knowing that people are taking interest in reading about what I have to say. Thank you Hayley! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you are missing out.


Here are the rules:

  1. List 11 Random Facts about myself
  2. Answer 11 questions that Hayley wrote for me
  3. Pass the torch by nominating 11 bloggers
  4. Create 11 questions for my nominees
  5. Display the Liebster Award logo.

11 Random Facts:

  1. My favorite color is green.
  2. I have never broken a bone. “Knock on wood”
  3. Math is my worst subject by a long shot. Luckily, I haven’t had to take a math class in many many years.
  4. I don’t like pedicures or anyone touching my feet. It is just weird.
  5. I am a very picky eater. (aka no veggies). I am learning to get better with this, but my pallet still isn’t drawn to them.
  6. Pomeranians are my favorite dog. I’ve had three throughout my life so far. They are so darn cute!
  7. I learned to drive on a manual transmission before an automatic.
  8. I love to read.
  9. I despise Christmas music. For some reason hearing the same song sang by ten thousand different people gets annoying.
  10. I have a short attention span for movies. If it doesn’t lock me in I’ll start multi-tasking.
  11. I have never been stung by a bee.

Hayley’s Questions for me:  

  1. What’s your favorite season? My favorite season is definitely Summer. Summer in Seattle is gorgeous. It is the only time when you can spend most of your time outside.
  2. Do you collect anything? I don’t collect anything anymore. When I was younger, I collected Beanie Babies. I must have like 200 and now they are worthless sitting in a storage container.
  3. Who is your favorite sports team? Seahawks all the way!!
  4. If you could travel anywhere for free where would you go? I’ve always wanted to travel around Greece and Italy. I want to see all the Roman statutes and cathedrals.
  1. Are you a vanilla or chocolate lover? I love chocolate.
  2. What is your biggest fear? Being rejected.
  3. What’s your favorite childhood cartoon? Probably Dexter’s laboratory. I loved Cartoon Network!
  4. Who is your celebrity crush? Paul Walker.
  5. What is your favorite restaurant? Jak’s. Delicious!
  6. What is your least favorite food? Probably most veggies….
  7. Would you rather run in the snow storm or 90 degree weather? I’d pick 90 degree weather. I dislike to cold and snow.

My Nominees:












My Questions for these lovely ladies:  

1. What is your favorite exercise?

2. What is your biggest pet peeve?

3. What is one thing you cannot leave your house without?

4. Which running app do you prefer? Map My Run app or Run Keeper?

5. Favorite sport?

6. What is something you want to learn how to do?

7. Are you an introvert or extrovert?

8. Are you a morning or night person?

9. What is your favorite movie?

10. Do you prefer to cook or bake?

11. What is your favorite animal?

Thank you again! Feel free to answer any questions so that I can get to know you!

Weekly Workout Roundup

Here is a summary of my weekend and the workouts!

Saturday began with a 6:30 am wake up call. You’re probably asking me why on earth are you up that early. Well, I was invited to go on a friend’s boat to watch them wake board again. In order to get smooth water you have to start early. Even more so in the summer, because everyone and their friends sisters-uncles-brothers friend is on the lake. One day I’ll have to capture a picture of the lines just to get into the park.

Luckily, the weather held out with no rain and it was about 60-62 degrees. Not too bad.  I was in charge of taking pictures of the guys in action.

IMG_3033 IMG_3055 IMG_3042 IMG_3049 IMG_3037 IMG_3057

OH believe me there were some lovely crashes. I cringe every time.

images (1)

It was a pretty entertaining morning. By the time I got home, I crashed. I wanted to take a quick cat nap.


Apparently, my “cat” nap turned into a four hour nap. Impressive! I guess my body was telling me it was time to rest. After I awoke, it was time to hit the gym. I did my 60 minutes of cardio while getting sucked into the television. Once I was finished I did a new circuit workout!


Let me tell you, after Friday’s circuit my legs and arms were feeling it. It was a good burn. I promised myself that I would begin doing more circuit training. After my workout I headed home to crash yet again!

Today (Sunday) has been a low key day. Slept in “kind of” and baked- alot. Baked my famous Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and another round of “Healthified” Banana Walnut Bread. My dad was craving more…and more I gave him!

images (2)

I did this workout today after my cardio session.

Oblique Burnout

I also did this circuit workout from Backonpointe. She has some really awesome workouts!


I was officially pooped when I was done. Only one more day of the three day weekend!

How is your weekend going?

Have you tried any new workouts lately?

Fun Facts Friday

1.! The one day out of the week that I can slack off, dress casual, and count down the hours until 4pm. Well, more like just dress casual and count down. No slacking here! 😉

2. Has anyone else seen this? This looks like a fun challenge. Run 1 mile everyday until the 4th of July! Interested? It is intriguing isn’t it? Looks like a good way to get those who want to start running a good push!


3. I will not give into this candy crush saga that is going around. I’ll stick to my many games of Words with Friends thank you!


4. I’ve discovered this great website called Gametiime. Heard of it? It is a great website for finding running groups, races, tips and motivation!! Check it out and follow them on Twitter or Facebook!



5. 3 DAY WEEKEND?!! Yes, I will take that. Unfortunately, the weather is going to be so-so.

6. I am loving the new breathing techniques for running I learned about. You can find more about it here. Not getting tired is o.k. with me!

7. I’ll admit, I foam rolled for the 1st time last night. Yes, first time. Ehhh- thoughts? OUCH!


Sorry I love memes! They crack me up.

How is your Friday? Any Memorial Weekend Plans?

I did a great circuit workout after my cardio session thanks to Julie @ Pbfingers!



I did this!!

Boy my arms are going to hurt tomorrow. 150 jumping jacks, crunches, squats and push-ups are no joke my friends! I managed to do most of the push-ups on my toes but eventually moved down to my knees!

Until tomorrow! Stay Classy!