Fun Facts Friday

Fun Facts Friday- May 3, 2013

 So I have mentioned that the weather looks absolutely FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC for this weekend?? Look at that forecast for the first weekend in May!


80’s? Bring on the burn baby!

This weekend will be an even better one knowing that I’ll be spending most of it outside.


Back to Fun Facts Friday!!

1. Some of my coworkers and I will be running in the Fiesta 5k ole tomorrow morning. My goal is to beat old PR record. Let’s just hope…wishful thinking. 😉

2. When the sun comes out I get an “ahhh haa” moment. I tend to relax more and feel better. I think it is because Seattle is so gray all the time. Does anyone else feel this way?

3. I am loving that I am feeling better about myself overall. I went through a rough patch and I moved back in with my dad. I am a true daddy’s girl and I don’t care. We are like two peas in a pod.

4. Anyone else stoked for Iron Man 3? Come on’ sure you are! 😉 I’ll admit I never used to be into these types of movies, but they have grown on me. Just like Transformers. Who doesn’t love Bumblebee? 




5. I’ve missed this crazy kat. Mosi, or Mos’ or Dat Krazy Kat. 


Thriving for attention once again.

Any have any big plans for Cinco de Mayo? My only plans are to lay out on the dock and enjoy the sun. Oh ya, wash the car. Is gray the new black? I don’t think sooo.

Dad and I need to check out T-mobile too. Apparently they have better deals for cellphone plans. Bring on the savings. 

Happy Friday!!



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