Fiesta 5k Ole Recap!

Good Afternoon!

As you know, yesterday morning myself and some coworkers of mine did the Fiesta 5k Ole!


Unfortunately, I forgot my stash and hat in the car. boo.

I was the only one that decided to do the timed race so I was off by myself and met the rest of the crew after the race was over. My goal was to PR, but that didn’t happen. I lined up for the race and discovered that I was pretty far back, I met another runner and she had me follow her while we “politely” pushed through a little farther up. I asked if it was a relatively flat course (dumb question we live in Seattle and it is highly). She said nope, there are hills. I was like greattt….

Once the race began we hit the first hill, it was a doozey. Unfortunately, they didn’t display any signs for what mile we were at so I had to just go off my music since I didn’t set the Map My Run app before the race started. Overall, it was a pretty good morning weather wise for the race about 60-62 degrees at 9:30 am. Can’t complain there!

I managed to finish in about 24.45. I am happy with that since it wasn’t a flat course.







After the race, there was a taco truck challenge, costume contest and beer garden. Not sure how many people were there, but it was packed!



We all stayed for a couple hours to enjoy the weather and company! I headed home to begin the process of switching cell phone carriers. Dad and I are all about saving money right now. Next is the TV service, but lets do one at a time.

Today’s workout is still in process. I went on a 5.5 mile run today in the 80 degree heat. I was a sweaty mess once it was over. I’ll be heading to the gym shortly to finish up with some weights and a short walk on the treadmill. Other than that, I’ll be relaxing tonight.

Hope you are enjoying the great weather!



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