How Hot is too Hot?


Wow!! Yesterday was a hot one; in my area it hit 92 degrees. Apparently, Seattle was up there competing with Arizona! Take that! Too hot to run…I actually had to put my air conditioning on in my car. I hate using it; I’d rather just roll down the windows.


Last night, since I couldn’t run outside without risking dying or heat exhaustion, I went to the gym. It was either going to be super packed at the gym (since it was Monday) or dead. Luckily, it was dead. I decided to give my legs a break from running, so the elliptical it was! I did 65 minutes on the elliptical at the highest resistance and finished the end of the book Indelible Love by D. W. Cee. Highly recommend this novel if you enjoy romantic novels.


My dad was happy that I decided not to run last night. He gets concerned when it is over 80 and I decide to go on a run. Concerned dad I know, he just wants to make sure I don’t overheat or die on the side of the road. Yes, this is no laughing matter since heat exhaustion is very serious. I decided to research, “How hot is too hot to run.”

First of all, Seattle is seeing a heat wave right now, so most of us are not used to 80 plus degree weather in May. Maybe August or late July, but definitely not May! So, not being acclimated to the heat can be risky.


Could you imagine? I don’t want too…

When is it too hot to run? Here is what I have come up with!

  1. Are you used to the weather/heat already? This was a big issue with me yesterday; I definitely am not acclimated to the heat in May. This increases the risk for heat stroke and other health complications.
  2. Make sure you drink lots of water. This is crucial. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. During hot runs, you need to replenish your body with water since you are sweating it out.
  3. Humidity. Humidity makes it harder to cool down versus dry heat.
  4. Choose your distance/path. If the option is available, choose a path that is shaded. Or if possible, don’t choose your longest run of the year on the hottest day. There’s always another day.
  5. Follow the forecast. If you are on a training program where you need to keep on track; follow the weather forecast. If tomorrow looks like a hot one, try running in the early morning or late at night. This can help you plan out your days without feeling like you have to skip.
  6. Wear minimal clothing without getting creepy stares. Wear light colored clothing. Enough said.

I have been known to go out running when it is 85 degree out. But, this is typically in late July or August and I am already used to the heat. Plus, I enjoy a good sweat! J

If you are going to run in the heat, make sure to wear light colors, bring water or hydrate before and after, go slow, and protect your skin. If you feel weak or cannot cool down, stop immediately!

Today will be a nice break from yesterday. I think its supposed to be under 80 today.

Do you run in the heat?

Do you carry water bottles? I hate holding anything while running.



  1. I skipped my run and did hot yoga instead…not sure that was the best idea. I’m trying to rehydrate before tackling Greenlake tonight…fingers crossed. I typically don’t have a water bottle handy bc I hate running with a tummy full of liquid.

    • I thought about doing hot yoga, but I didn’t want to be dripping sweat. But I don’t really think it would have mattered since I left the gym hot anyway. I agree that I don’t like to run with water for that same reason! I’d rather chug a gallon (not really that much) of water afterwards! Enjoy your run tonight!

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