8 Biggest Mistakes Runners make on Race Day


1. Running too close to race day. I’ll admit, I have done this and regretted it. It is imperative that you give your legs a rest a day or two before race day. Instead of running, go on a walk or do another type of exercise like yoga, just make sure not to hurt yourself.

2. Trying a new food. Never try a new kind of food before race day. You never know how your body will react. Sometimes you just don’t want to find out. Save the sushi or cow brains for another day.

3. Eating too many carbohydrates the day before. Instead of loading your body up on pasta the night before, try spreading it out over a few days.

4. Over hydrating. Just make sure you are continuously hydrating yourself days before the race. Drink sports drinks, propel, anything with electrolytes.


A little over board. Don’t ya think? But you get the idea.

5. Not eating breakfast. Many people’s nerves get to them before a race, which can lead to not eating breakfast. It is important to feed your body 1-2 hours before a race to give you that energy! Relax and eat!

6. Loading up on fiber. Try not to load up on fiber, because it can be hard on the digestive system.

7. New shoes. Don’t get new shoes right before a race that are not broken in. Do you want blisters or to find out they are comfortable? No, of course not. Make sure that if you need a new pair of kicks to do so weeks before an upcoming race. The injury isn’t worth it!


This goes for your shoes too!

8. Use the bathroom facilities before the race starts. No one wants to get stuck in the potty line. If you do find yourself needing to use the potty, check out the lines when you are running. Find the shortest one, if possible!

images (1)

Oh the wonderful port-a-potty!

Check out Runner World for more tips!

Have you made any of these mistakes?

What if your biggest tip for race day?



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