Rattlesnake ledge

Today I went to hike Rattlesnake ridge with a friend and his super cute dog named Koa (pictures to come). Rattlesnake ridge is a popular area for its beautiful hike and lake. I used to live in this area years ago, but I have never hiked Rattlesnake ridge before ironically. Today turned out to be a lovely  day to hike the mountain. Round trip is about 4 miles with the highest elevation point being 2,078. You can add a couple miles by hiking to the East Peak. Overall, I was sweating my the time we got to the top. However, heading back down isn’t the easiest. My knees were a wee bit sore. Next we hit the lake and caught a few pics!


Had to take a pic!



too cute right?


Yes Koa jumps that high!


watch dog.


You can end of see the tip of the ledge!

Overall, today was wonderful. I loved the 9 mile hike and enjoyed the 75+ degree weather!

Have a great Mother’s Day!!




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