Checking it off

Guess What?

I can check off ONE of my goals for this summer! Take a wild guess….anyone?


On July 13, 2013, I will be doing the Color in Motion Run in Tacoma! There happened to be another deal on for $29.00 instead of $50.00. I’ll take it!

I am super stoked for it.

Yesterday, my mom, step dad  Kasa and Reese (dogs) went to Alki to walk around for Mother’s Day. There were tons of people colored in paint walking around from another color run race! Makes me even more excited! We also decided to go up to the West Seattle Farmers Market to mosey around and get some flowers!


My mom and I decided that we are going to do the Susan G. Komen walk/run on June 2, 2013. My grandma and great grandma on my dad’s side both had breast cancer. We thought it would be a great way to show our support! She wants to walk (hopefully getting some of her sorority friends to join) and I will run the race. We are on the look out for some pink tutu’s and flare. So if you know where to find some let me know! 🙂


The  Susan G. Komen happens to be the day after the Issaquah Triathlon. No, I am not doing the triathlon (I haven’t trained for the swim); I may do the 10k or duathlon instead. I have never done a duathlon before, but this one is only a 15 mile bike and a 5k run. I am sure I can handle it, but I haven’t 100% committed yet. I have some time!

Have I mentioned that I am still sore from the 9 mile hike on Saturday? My hips/butt area is still feeling it. Probably didn’t help that I wore wedges today. FAIL. 

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Have you done a duathlon?

Have you done back to back races on a weekend? 



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