Go To Guide for Preventing Shin Splints!

Happy Tuesday! 

Hows your day going? Mine is going pretty well other than spending 20 minutes in the bus terminal for no known reason on my way to work this morning. The bus just sat there….oh well! The good news is that it isn’t raining today! Yesterday afternoon the rain and wind was so intense. It was raining sideways, thundering, the whole nine. Yuck! Where did summer go?

Lets chat about Shin Splints shall we? Most of us at some point have had shin splints. How can we prevent shin splints?

Lucky for you, I’ve come up with some easy tips to prevent shin splints! Excited?! You should be!

Untitled1. Many people get shin splints, because they have pronating or flat feet and are not wearing the proper footwear. Wearing proper footwear that gives support and padding will help reduce the likelihood of developing shin splints.

2. Replace your running shoes after 400 miles!  Here’s why.

3. Don’t keep running if you feel pain in the shin area. If you run when you are already hurt it will only prolong the duration of the healing time.


4. Try not to only run on concrete or hard surfaces. Mix it up! Run on grass, trails, treadmills, and concrete. The variety will help.

5. Warming up and stretching before and after a run is key!

6. Don’t increase your mileage too quickly. The 10% rule is a great tool for increasing mileage.

7. Rest. Give yourself a rest day.

 Ouch! I have shin splints. How do I get rid of them?

  1. Get new shoes or go to a specialty shoe store and see if you have the correct shoe.
  2. Stretch/foam roll your calves, feet, ankles. Look –>More stretching tips here
  3. Ice your shins.
  4. REST! If you must run, run on soft surfaces. Or use the elliptical cross trainer.

Obviously, if you are resting and the pain still hasn’t gone away make an appointment with a doctor or specialist. *Disclaimer, I am not an expert in this area. I am going off my own experience. 

Have you had shin splints?

What did you do to get rid of them?

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!





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