Bumble Bee Sighting!

Hump Day is finally here!

Hey, you have to get excited for another than other than Friday right? Half way there!

How is your morning or afternoon going? This morning I saw Bumble bee! Confused yet? Bumble bee from Transformers!!! No, it wasn’t the same car…boo! But pretty darn close. Even had the Auto bot license plate and transformers emblem!


Too cool right? Hopefully you can kind of see the plate.

Ok I am a nerd! I love the movies!


Yesterday, I did a pretty good leg burnout workout consisting of squats and lunges! How many squats exactly? Here is what I did….


It was short and sweet. Prior to the leg workout I did 75 minutes on the ATM elliptical machine. I love it, especially when my legs are still sore from that hike on Saturday. Ugh!

I signed up for another race this morning!! The Susan G. Komen 5k. I mentioned it the other day when I was listing off the goals  for this summer! There was a Google Offers deal for The Susan G. Komen 5k for $20.00. My mom and I jumped on that. I am all about saving money!


Monday I mentioned that we were looking for pink tutu’s to wear. My mom found this one last night.


I must have this.

I can just imagine the tail flowing in the wind as I am running. haha! No seriously though!

Do you dress up for races?

Do you have any races coming up? 

I’ll be back later I hope!



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