Lacing Up Your Running Shoes

We all learned to tie our shoes at a young age and many adults still tie their running shoes in the same way. Unfortunately, your running shoes should not be tied in the same way as your regular footwear. Next time you run a race, take a look at your fellow runners shoes (without being noticed) to see how they laced them. More than likely, you will see a variety of ways their shoes are tied.

Did you know that there are different ways to lace your shoes to make them more comfortable or customize them for your feet? Obviously, everyone’s feet are different and it is important to lace your shoes correctly!

How do you determine which lacing style is right for you?

First you need to determine what type of foot you have; wide foot, high arches, low arches, narrow heal or foot. We fit shoes has great tips for lacing shoes.

 Heel Slippage:

If your heel slips too much or you need more room for your toes, try a lace lock at the top of your shoe. This method will pull your foot back to the heel of the shoe which will prevent any further slippage.


High Arches: The splay lacing technique removes the pressure points created when laces cross over each other on the center of the shoe tongue.

high arche

Narrow Heel/Foot: Use two short sets of laces to get a snug fit along the length of your foot. The first lace runs through the middle eyelets where you tie them off, and the second continues through the last pair of eyelets.

narrow heel

Toe problems: Threading one end of the lace diagonally lifts the toe box up to help relieve problems like hammer toes, toe corns, bleeding toes and toe nail problems.

toe problems

Top-of-foot pain Skip a set of eyelets in your lacing pattern to relieve pressure on points along the top of your foot.


top pain


 Now you can determine which lace type is right for you. Happy Running!



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  2. I only ever messed around with laces before (mostly in normal casual trainers as a teenager) to see which type I thought looked ‘coolest!’ I never imagined that different ways of tying your laces would impact on your feet in the shoe but you explain the different advantages well – thank you!

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