National Running Day 2013

June 5, 2013 is National Running Day! Before this year, I was not aware that we had a day dedicated to running! Especially, since I commit many of my days to running.  I’ll be sure to make this day even better! Should I set a goal? Run farther than I normally would? The possibilities are endless. How will you celebrate National Running day 2013?


What is National Running Day?

Every first Wednesday in June, runners everywhere get out a do what they do best. RUN! Regardless, of what kind of runner you are, this day is for you to get out and achieve your goals. Here are some examples of how you can celebrate!

Don’t want to run by yourself? Don’t worry! This website has even put together group runs for runner to sign up for and you can even host your own group run! Sounds like fun right?!

mentioned last week that I would be participating in the Run Now Movement organization that supports the Boston Marathon events. You can pledge to run as many miles as you want by National Running Day. This is another way you can show your support!

Now, I ask you. Will you join me on June 5, 2013 and celebrate this day?


Why do you run?

I run because….

It makes me happy

To achieve my goals

I can push myself

To find a balance

For my health

For lean legs- totally true!

To participate in races

The rush is amazing

It is calming

Okay, I won’t keep going. I think you catch my drift! 😉

Guess what? One more day until FRIDAY! Woot!



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