Fun Facts Friday- 5/17/13

We made it to Friday!!

[insert happy dance] Yippe! Am I the only person who thought this week flew by? I love weeks like this.

  1. I am excited to do the Susan G. Komen race on June 2nd with my mom.
  1. I’ve checked off two goals this week! One 5k and one color run on the calendar for this summer!
  1. Words with Friends is becoming an addiction again. I go through stages when I play it consistently and then I’ll go on a break. It is definitely on right now! Does anyone else play?  I came across this website for Words with Friends addicts!



  1. I am about half way towards my 100 miles pledge by National Running Day! Woot! I got in 7.5 miles yesterday and walked 2 miles round trip for work. I managed to shed off 3 minutes from my last 12k race in April! 3 minutes in a month? I’ll take it!


I love memes.

  1. I’ve officially been blogging for over a month now! Time fly, doesn’t it? I am so happy that I decided to finally jump into it feet first.


  1. I miss the sun…Mother Nature was teasing Seattle with the beautiful warm weather a few weeks ago. Right now the forecast looks like this…




So true. lolz


  1. Swim training needs to begin immediately. This is something I’ve been putting off. Yesterday, the idea of competing in the Beaver Lake Triathlon rolled around in my head. The BLT is on my BIRTHDAY this year, August 17th. This year marks its 20th year! Meant to be right? 🙂

89735h_blt-newsad-proof (3)


Luckily, I’ve done the course before for all the events! The bike is a doosey!

Any plans for this weekend? My weekend is pretty open since the weather isn’t going to be ideal. Maybe it is a movie weekend!

Have a great Friday!



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