Weekly Workout Roundup: May 12 to 18

Two more weeks until June. May is flying by. This is my first “Weekly Workout Roundup!” Every Sunday I will review the previous weeks workouts!

Weekly Workout Roundup

I managed to get in six workouts this week. I got a long run in on Thursday which I am happy about. Killed my old time by 3 minutes. That made me happy. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of arms in this week. I will make sure to incorporate more arms this upcoming week!! I am working on figuring out a system for doing abs, arms, back, legs, etc. Cardio is something I enjoy to do everyday and it keeps my stamina up! 

Sunday: Mother’s Day! Walked around Alki Beach. 1 hour elliptical & 15 walk on the treadmill.

Monday: 60 minute cardio + Abs.

Tuesday: 75 ATM elliptical + Burnin’ Quads

Wednesday: 1 hour cardio

Thursday: 7.5 mile run outside and 25 minute elliptical. Stretched!

Friday: 75 minute cardio + Abs. 

Saturday: Rest!

Unfortunately, the weather this week isn’t looking the best. Monday is the only day it isn’t supposed to rain. I’ll take 72 and sunny for one day. At least I’ll be able to squeeze in one run outside! Happy Sunday!


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