Coping with Depression

Happy Thursday! How is your morning treating you? I am doing pretty well here. Last night, I managed to get through my workout with a hurting knee. Apparently, I need to strengthen my glute muscles more. Hello glute machines and resistance bands. Am I the only one that thinks of “Bandz make her dance,” when you hear that word? Ok, I am a dork.


Okay, lets get to the main topic of today. Depression. Yes, I said that lovely word.

Many people use exercise as a coping mechanism for depression. I’ve tried to be pretty open in my blog about my past with an ED and how I currently deal with it. Yes, I have/had depression for many years now and exercise has played a key role with helping me deal with it. Maybe the word “deal” isn’t the best way to describe it.

Like Reese Witherspoon said in Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphin’s.  Endorphin’s make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t!” I am not talking about the killing part, but I believe that the high that exercise gives me helps calm any worries I have.  It helps me focus more on myself and how I am working to overcome my depression and on going issues with my ED.


There have been many studies on how exercising can be a form of an antidepressant. Exercising not only boosts your metabolism, but it boosts your mood levels which obviously makes us happier. The results you see and feel from exercising increases confidence. For some, the gratification is enough.

images (1)

The gym can be a great mental simulator as well as a good chance to meet other people. Socializing plays a key role in helping your mood and not isolating. Like I mentioned earlier, exercising acts as a distraction. It’s time when you can throw away your negative thoughts that would typically lead you down the wrong path.

Choose a form of exercise that suits you the best. Whether, it’s running, spinning, walking, cleaning, or washing your car. The options are endless. It doesn’t mean you need to work your ass off in the gym for hours on end to feel better. Try dedicating 10 minutes to your day to exercising. Eventually you may look forward to these 10 minutes and bump it up to 15, 20 or 30 minutes. Who knows! You won’t know until you try.

What I am hoping you’ll get from this:

  1. I am open and honest with my personal issues. I want to be real with my readers and not sugar coat anything. I have depression and I know it.
  2. I don’t want people to turn to exercise and turn a positive thing into a negative. What do I mean? Focusing too much on exercising and making it a problem. Whether it’s over exercising or doing it because I “have too.” I have been there.
  3. See if it works for you. Take a chance on being happy. You are worth it.

These are all my personal opinions. Exercise makes me happy. Some think I do it too much or not “correctly.” That may be so, but I am working on it. Like everything, it takes time. Sorry if I rambled on and on about this!

On a lighter note, two more work days till a three day weekend! Yippee!!


Can Exercise Treat Depression?




  1. I admire your courage and being so honest! It really helped me to read what you said about not making exercise a negative thing and doing it because “I have to.” I have been getting better at learning to not beat myself up if I want an extra off day. Thanks!

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