Fun Facts Friday

1.! The one day out of the week that I can slack off, dress casual, and count down the hours until 4pm. Well, more like just dress casual and count down. No slacking here! šŸ˜‰

2. Has anyone else seen this? This looks like a fun challenge. Run 1 mile everyday until the 4th of July! Interested? It is intriguingĀ isn’tĀ it? Looks like a good way to get those who want to start running a good push!


3. I will not give into this candy crush saga that is going around. Iā€™ll stick to my many games of Words with Friends thank you!


4.Ā I’veĀ discovered this great website called Gametiime. Heard of it? It is a great website for finding running groups, races, tips and motivation!! Check it out and follow them on Twitter orĀ Facebook!



5. 3 DAY WEEKEND?!! Yes, I will take that. Unfortunately, the weather is going to be so-so.

6. I am loving the new breathing techniques for running I learned about. You can find more about itĀ here.Ā Not getting tired is o.k. with me!

7. I’ll admit, I foam rolled for the 1st time last night. Yes, first time. Ehhh- thoughts? OUCH!


Sorry I love memes! They crack me up.

How is yourĀ Friday? Any Memorial Weekend Plans?

I did a great circuit workout after my cardio session thanks toĀ Julie @ Pbfingers!



I did this!!

Boy my arms are going to hurt tomorrow. 150 jumping jacks, crunches, squats and push-ups are no joke my friends! I managed to do most of the push-ups on my toes but eventually moved down to my knees!

Until tomorrow! Stay Classy!


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