Challenge Accepted

Good Afternoon!

I was over at Colleen’s blog The Lunchbox Dairies reading about her new challenge that I think all of you should consider trying! For the month of June, Colleen put together a challenge to move for 30 minutes, 4 times per week. Sounds do-able right?! Right!!

I’ve accepted this challenge, because it sounds fun and I love encouraging others to engage in physical activities.


Head over to Colleen’s blog and sign up! What do you have to lose? Plus, there are some lovely prizes from Love Grown Foods up for grabs at the end!! Who doesn’t love prizes?!

Anywho! I am excited for June and this challenge to begin. Also, don’t forget that next Wednesday is National Running Day! If you remember, I pledged to run 100 miles by 6/5/2013. I am getting close to my goal; unfortunately the weather has cooperated that well so most of my miles come from the elliptical or treadmill. Oh well, I knew it would happen! Luckily, next week’s forecast looks great!!

Enjoy your Thursday!!

Are you participating in any challenges next month or for the summer?



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