Fun Facts Friday 5/31/2013

Can you believe today is the last day of May? We are already half way through 2013. I can barely believe it!! 🙂

  1. Seattle is going to be getting a much needed dose of sun this upcoming week! I cannot wait.


2. I really really need some new running shoes. I keep bouncing around between staying with Asics or trying out a new shoe brand. Thoughts? I’ve heard wonderful comments about Saucony.



Love these!! I love my green shoes!

  1. Sunday is the Susan G Komen 5k! My mom and I will be doing it in remembrance of my grandma and great grandma who both had breast cancer. My mom found a pink tutu for her to wear…I decided that I will not wear one. I think it will bother me when I run. Instead, I need to find some pink tights! 
  2. I get my hair done tomorrow night. Woot. Hello Blonde!
  3. I had some fantastic Thai last night. I forgot to take a pic. Crap! It was Beef Noodle Soup. I chose 3 stars and baby it was spicy hot! 
  4. I wish the workday was over now. I.Need.A.Nap! 
  5. Tomorrow starts the challenge that Colleen at The Lunchbox Dairies put together. Check it out! 

Okay, back to work for me! 

What are you up to this weekend?

Any races coming up this month?



  1. The weather you have for the next week is PERFECT if you ask me! Sunny and not too hot, yes please to that!
    Best of luck a the race… what a wonderful cause and I heard those races are always good ones. Meaning the organization and such, but also everyone in positive moods… makes sense of course! While the entire situation is a sad one (breast cancer I mean), these races can make such a difference in countless ways

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