Susan G. Komen 5k Race Recap!

Good Afternoon!

I hope you enjoyed the recipe I shared yesterday for Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Wow, that was a mouthful!

Sunday was the 20th annual Susan G. Komen 5k in Seattle. My day started bright and early Sunday morning at 6:30am. Apparently, I wasn’t going to be able to sleep in at all over the week. Oh well! Anywho, I got dressed wearing my pink tights, shorts and pink tank top and my mom picked me up at 6:50ish to head to Seattle. We wanted to make sure that we were able to park somewhat close. Luckily, my work is right by where the event was held. Score!

Once we parked, my mom threw on her pink tutu and we made our way to Seattle Center. There were over 9,000 participants this year. Crazy huh?! There were a number of races that were going to be held and the women’s only 5k started at 8:15am. I wanted to run it for a time and my mom jogged most of it. I am so proud of her. We wore “In Memory of Lola and Jody” signs on our backs.

IMG_1669[1]Both my grandma and great grandma on my dad’s side had breast cancer. 😦

Before the race started, we checked our stuff at the bag check and took some pictures. The weather couldn’t have been better, low 60’s in the morning! Here are some pictures.

IMG_1655[1]Photo bomb action.








My momma! Look at that pink boa tail! 🙂


We put our “In Memory” signs up on display. Tearful moment.

Overall, the race went really well! We made our way to the start and I darted off like I usually do dodging people, strollers, walkers. Somehow, I made it to the front and realized that were was virtually no one in front of me. At one point near the 1/2 way point I counted less than 10 people in front. I was amazed. I saw my mom on my way back and gave her a big high five! When I crossed the finish line I had no clue what my time was. Once my mom finished, we went to get our bags and walk around to get some swag. Gotta love the swag. Low and behold, someone tried to steal a bag right in front of us. He didn’t succeed thank god. It was amazing that he even tried in front of so many people.

We left around 10ish and I checked my phone for the race results. I found out that I placed 8th overall and 2nd in my age division!!! 8TH!!! That was the highlight of my weekend or even year. I beat my last 5k time from the Fiesta 5k by a whole minute!! The Fiesta 5k was only a month ago too. Hell yes to training and the new breathing technique.

The rest of the day was spent baking Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, relaxing, washing my car (she was very dirty), and another workout.


All clean!

My gym workout looked like this: 60 minutes on the elliptical catching up on the latest Cosmopolitan magazine and a kettleball circuit and some legs.


My sides feel it this morning!

Well, that is it for me right now. I hope your Monday is going great!

Did you compete in any races this past weekend?

Do you make up your own workouts?



  1. I’m so glad we did this race together, to honor two incredible people and support research to cure breast cancer. There were some giggles and some tears,but mostly it was a day for us to be together in a healthy fun way! I am a proud Mama of #8!!

  2. Congratulations on coming 8th, wow!! Pink power, and a great performance in memory if jody and lola.

    I ran a 5k pb on saturday, which was a boost ahead of a ten mile race I’ve entered this Friday! Wish me luck for it!

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