Exercise Personality Quiz

Happy day after National Running Day! How are your legs feeling? Mine are doing well after knocking out a 6.5 mile run. No big deal. I hate it when I forget to press “start” when I go running. 


I was surfing the web this morning, when I came across an interesting article regarding the best exercise for your personality. I often hear people complaining that cardio is boring, or that class isn’t fun, strengthening exercises are too much work, etc. Maybe this is because whatever form of exercising they are doing doesn’t match what they are interested in.

For example, if you love to get your adrenaline going, yoga may not be the right form of exercise for you. It won’t feed that desire your body is craving. I love getting my heart pumping and yoga has never been something I’d want to do on a regular basis. Maybe it is my attention span, I don’t know.

I found a quiz that can help you determine which exercises are right for your personality type. Mine was pretty spot on.

Here are my results:

Best Exercises for Your Personality

You tend to go solo when it comes to fitness and, because you’re so disciplined, it’s easier for you to stick to a more regimented routine. You might enjoy activities where you’re in control — of your movements and your schedule — rather than following along in a fitness class or video. Just a few ideas:

Walking, Running or Cycling

Any one or all of these activities might appeal to you because you’re in charge of these kinds of workouts. There’s no instructor to follow, no rules — you create your own workouts and move at your own pace, which is just how you like it. These activities also offer opportunities to improve; you can go faster, find bigger hills and increase your distance. Tracking these things might help keep you motivated.

Training for Races

Beyond basic running or walking programs, training for a race (whether it’s 5K or a marathon) may be a good goal to set for yourself. Training for a race requires specific, timely steps which may appeal to the goal-oriented part of your personality. You may also like to get your competitive juices flowing.

Strength Training

While strength training is good for all of us, it might appeal to you more than the average person. Lifting weights is a solo activity that requires a specific plan as well as a specific list of exercises for each muscle group. You might enjoy the act of creating your own program just as much as carrying it out and keeping track of your progress.

Martial Arts

Though more of a team activity, martial arts offers many aspects of training that fit your personality. The moves you learn are regimented, require regular practice and you also have the ability to earn different belts and move up into more complicated training programs. Because you may prefer to exercise alone, pursuing something with group interactivity may actually be good for you, helping you learn how to rely on and support others.

What to Watch Out For

Because you’re smart and self-disciplined, there are some downsides to that personality type that could cause some problems. Just a few things to watch out for:

  • Being inflexible. You like routines and habits, but they may turn into ruts if you don’t make changes now and then. Make it a point to take stock of your situation every few weeks and make changes in your schedule, workouts or activities to keep things fresh.
  • Being afraid to try new things. You’re good at a variety of things, but you may also have a tendency towards perfectionism. That may stop you from trying new things, since it’s hard to be perfect on your first try. Test your boundaries every so often with new activities and allow yourself to be bad at them.
  • Being a know-it-all. You may spend time researching exercise and fitness. You may also have a lot of personal knowledge about fitness, which can keep you from having an open mind about new ideas. Listening to what others have to say, even inexperienced exercisers, can teach you more than you realize.

I agree with pretty much everything. I am very inflexible and sometimes trying new activities are scary, because I do not want to fail. But I am human and I will get through it. For example, swimming is difficult for me and I know I need to start training for the Beaver Lake Triathlon in August. It is on the agenda for this weekend. Err.


Dory it isn’t that easy.

89735h_blt-newsad-proof (3)

It is official period.

Are there any exercises you just will not do? For me it would probably be Zumba or yoga. I have absolutely no rhythm and I do not enjoy dancing around.

What were your results?  

Any tips for training for the swim? I’ve done tri’s in the past, but its been quite a long time.

Random question! Have you gone kayaking before?

A girlfriend and I are going to go tonight after work on the lake that I live on. The weather is going to be great and I heard it is a good arm/core workout. I cannot wait! 🙂



  1. That quiz is awesome! I’m going to give it a try and see my results. I am a swimmer myself, so I would suggest that you just simply keep practicing! Of course, be sure to give yourself plenty of rest too. You want to give your body time to develop much muscle memory! Good luck!

  2. What a cool quiz! I am SUCH a cardio junkie and live fore getting my heart rate up, but I also love yoga!! I would say I am in the middle. What I need to do more of is strength training. I have NO focus when it comes to weights or anything like that. Maybe that’s why I like yoga, I try to go to flow yoga classes that move quicker and use body strength!

    I have been kayaking!! I love it! There is a kayak place in Poulsbo that I am looking forward to going to soon, or maybe I’ll have to come to Seattle and try it out! Arm workout for sure!

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