Fun Facts Friday- 6/7/2013

  1. This week has flown by. Today is National Donut Day if you haven’t found out yet via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, the news or this blog.


Yes, I am not a donut fan.

2. I found this awesome squat challenge from Joanne over at NYC Fit Food Fashion! I’ll be starting out with 80 squats. Starting off big!

83f5c-squats3. I got some great runs in this week and hoping to get one in today and this weekend!

IMG_1684[1] IMG_1698[1]

4. I captured this picture this morning on the way to work. If only it wasn’t so cloudy this morning. The sun is trying to break through.

IMG_1707[1]5. This happened yesterday! I went kayaking for the first time with a good friend of mine. The weather was perfect!!

IMG_1706[1]Pure relaxation. 

Yesterday I talked about the relationship between your personality type and exercising. My biggest downfalls were trying something new. I’m kicking that in the butt,  because I got out of my comfort zone and went kayaking!

6. Guess what showed up on my desk this morning? Bananas! Apparently, it is known at the office that I make some killer  banana bread!


These will be turned into this:


nom nom nom.

Any fun plans for this weekend?

I am stoked to actually be able to sleep in this weekend! Woohoo!! 🙂



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