Weekly Workout Recap! 6/2-6/8

Hello! Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to post the Weekly Workout Recap yesterday. I got caught up watching Sons of Anarchy all afternoon. This show is amazing, if you didn’t know already!


Here’s a recap of my workouts from last week!

Susan G. Komen


Capture IMG_1684[1] Capture83f5c-squats IMG_1698[1] IMG_1706[1]Did a little kayaking!


IMG_1724[1] IMG_1722[1]

Views from the top! I was a sweaty mess after running up Rattlesnake. 

I started my training yesterday for the triathlon in August. Lets get real, I am always training it seems….but now I have a set goal. I did a mini “brick” yesterday. 7 miles on the elliptical and 7 miles on the bike! I need to put together a calender of workouts this week.


<—— This happened yesterday!

Check out the recipe!

Overall, last week was a pretty good week workouts wise! I was sore from the Kettleball workout for days. My hips are a wee bit sore from the hike.

Feelin’ the burn!

How was your weekend? Any good workouts? Recipes?

Xo, Tara



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