7 More Months….

left of the Chobani 10 for 10 challenge!


I know it is June…eleventh to be exact! I am showing up very late for this challenge, but I want to make the last 7 months of 2013 GREAT!

I found out about this challenge from this gal!

The Details:
“In a nut shell: we’ll set one attainable goal each month. These goals can be totally simple, or larger, fitness/lifestyle/growth goals. Join us and set whatever works for you! Different strokes for different CHOlks.”

Since I only have 7 more months left of this challenge, I had to adjust it a bit.

Here are my 7 goals in 7 months:

#1. June– Try baking/preparing something new each week. I have 3 more weeks to do this. I have already baked a new recipe for week 1. Check out my Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana Bread.

images (1)

I know what this feels like. Pinning can take over your life..

#2. July– Run GPS/music free once a week. I have an issue with running without my music or a GPS to track my distance/speed/etc. This is something I need to work on, because I use running as an escape from the stresses of each day. Don’t get me wrong, I love to run and I don’t just run to “get away from it all,” but instead to clear my mind. I am working on being able to let go and run with my thoughts instead of blacking them out with music.


#3. August– Add more protein into my diet. Yes, I struggle with this, because my body doesn’t digest protein as well anymore. This means more protein bars and shakes which I am okay with.

images (2)

#4. September– Try a new workout class. TRX, Body Combat, Body Attack, and Grit are a few that I want to try!

images (3)

#5. October– Read and write reviews for two books! I love to read, but sometimes it goes on the back burner. Any book recommendations are appreciated!!

images (4)

#6. November– Take pictures everyday! I need to get better about documenting my life even if it isn’t super eventful. My Instagram will thank me later!

images (5)

#7. December– Hand write thoughtful holiday cards to my family members and friends. This is something I never do, (sorry people) and I know I need to get better about it. Hand written cards seem like a thing from the past since we have so many different ways of communicating now. Lets go back to the basics people and write it out. When was the last time you got a letter in the mail?

images (6)

Let’s get this challenge started!! What are your goals? Will you join me? 

Xo, Tara



  1. I love this!! I can completely relate to the running with music and GPS. I did get away from running with music a while ago, and found that running without it was SO relaxing. It also made it easier to chat with my running partner anytime we ran together. GPS is another story, lately I still have it on but I don’t look at it until I am done because the numbers mess with my head!

    I am loving reading lately..I want to read more!

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