Fun Facts Friday- 6/14/2013

1. I donated blood today! Hooray!! I haven’t given blood before I don’t think.




2.Gimme Gimme Gimme More!


Two of my favorite things: Chocolate (duh!) and Coffee!!

3. Planking.


Great core workout challenge.

4. I am borderline obsessed with Sons of Anarchy!


5. I get my hair did again….Yes it happens frequently, but this time it’s a Brazilian Blowout. My hair will be frizz free for 10 weeks. I’ll talk more about that later….

Boo, unfortunately my hair stylist had to cancel. That’s okay tho, I had to go register for the Fall City Day 10k and I got a workout in.



Here are the results from Jess’s My Core is Sore Workout! 9:30 total with the “mini” rests in between planks!

I am going to feel it tomorrow. I loved every minute of it.

Xo, Tara



  1. WAAHH I wish I could donate blood. My veins are too tiny and I’ve tried FOUR times and the last time I went (about a month ago) it took 30minutes to get the blood bag HALF full. It’s supposed to take like 12 minutes to fill it haha. SO with that said, I have taken my kind services elsewhere!! I considered that a sign.

    Awesome job on the plank!! I held my plank longer than a minute yesterday and thought of you haha. I will have to try and get to two minutes this week.

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