The 6 Minute Plank

I’ve been trying to add more circuit training into my workout routine. I know that cardio cannot take up all my time just because I am a runner. I want to have my legs toned more and doing just cardio will not shape out those legs. As my favorite Flywheel instructor would say, “Pressure makes diamonds baby, you’ve got to carve that shit out!” Yes, yes I will!

I’ve been following Jess’s blog for quite some time. She has some killer workouts that you need to know about. She has shared her Summer Shape-Up Plan with her readers and I am going to try out these workouts. Today I did Jess’s Before Breakfast Home Workout, but at the gym.


I loved every minute burpee of it.

I am going to do the GNC Lean Legs Workout No.2 on Saturday or Sunday. I want to do it tomorrow, because it looks like so much fun…..but I have the Fall City Days 10k race Saturday morning!

However, a core workout is on. I will be doing a 6 minute elbow plank from Jess’s My Core is Sore Workout. Well, an accumulation of 6 minutes. It is a  Tabatha style core workout! Here’s how it goes:


Try it with me!

I’ve been trying to increase my planking time this month. Right now a 3 minute hold is my record. Very second counts!!

Do you like planking?

Any fun weekend plans?

Xo, Tara



  1. Weekend plans include an unexpected pass out to run a 5k parkrun tomorrow morning! I’m excited as my dad is here this weekend so he will see me run for the first time since I took up running! Hopefully a new pb is in the offing! Good luck in your 10k!

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