Let’s talk Fuel

Let’s talk Fuel. Feeding and replenishing the nutrients in your body.

Do you run on an empty stomach? I am amazed at how many people still do this. Yes, I was one of them. I was afraid of the extra calories due to my ED. Since my ED has been apart of my life for so long, working out on no fuel was normal.

I thought that working out on an empty stomach would burn fat, instead it does the opposite. It actually causes you to lose muscle and the inability to workout as hard if you had eaten. source


So what should you eat before a workout or run? Carbs. More specifically simple carbohydrates. Many people believe that protein is the best, but actually it isn’t.

Strive for 150 calories! source

Here are some ideas:

Half a Banana


The bananas even say “Brain Fuel”

Crackers with almond butter/peanut butter

Handful of almonds or cashews

Nut bar


Sports drink

Energy gels

It is important to avoid foods that are high in fat or fiber. They can be difficult to digest. It is a good rule of thumb to avoid meats, fried foods, candy bars, and chips right before a run or workout.


So you’re back from a run. What should you eat after? You need to replenish your body with energy immediately. This helps minimize muscle stiffness and soreness. A mixture between protein and carbohydrates is key. Many use the ratio of 1 gram of protein to 3 grams of carbohydrates. I like the ALT Larabars.


If you cannot eat something similar soon after, chocolate milk is a good source of protein and carbohydrates. This reminds me of when I was a kid. I drank chocolate milk like it was my job.


Also, drink lots of water. My drink of choice is propel, because of the electrolytes.

IMG_1449I just recently got my dad hooked on propel.

Now remember, before your next run or workout eat something that will fuel your body!

What do you eat before a run? After?

XO, Tara



  1. I used to neverrrr eat anything before runs or workouts and for awhile it was okay, and I felt plenty energized. But that was not sustainable and weakness on such occasions was relentless. Now I eat at least something before going out to workout or run… an apple with pb usually does the trick for me!

  2. I haven’t tried the ALT Larabars, but love the regular Larabars. Will have to give them a try! For me, I usually do a banana pre-run (more if running long – like toast and peanut butter), and then a tart cherry juice and vanilla whey protein shake immediately after my runs.

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