No Bake PB2 Oatmeal Banana Bites

Happy first day of summer!! And, Happy Friday!

013PB2 Oatmeal Banana Bites

I’ve been on a baking kick lately, so here is another treat! I got this recipe from Taralynn at Undressed Skeleton. I wish I had some sprinkles to put on top like she did. Next time! This is a very quick and easy recipe for some mini energy bars. No baking required baby!



1 cup quick oats

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 ripe banana

1 packet Truvia

4 tablespoons PB2 (any powdered peanut butter works, but do not add water)

003 005


Mix everything together! Easy as pie right? It will take a few minutes to mix all the ingredients together.

Shape the mixture into bar shapes or whatever you like if you’re creative!

I put mine in the freezer to harden a bit, but storing them in the fridge works too.


These babies are under 50 calories! Next time I’ll try the chocolate peanut butter PB2. Give em’ a try!

Xo, Tara



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