Fun Facts Friday- 6/21/13

  1. Happy first day of SUMMER! My favorite season of the year is upon us and I am uber excited.


  1. That being said, only 2 more months until my 25th Birthday. Ekkkk! I will be turning a quarter of a century. Scary. Mental breakdown? Possibly…okay I’ll stop this tangent now…


  1. I’ve been doing so well with my Chobani Challenge for the month of June. If you remember, I mentioned that I would try out a new recipe each week. Let’s just say, I’ve been rocking it. Check out my Recipe page!
  1. Soft serve with sprinkles has been on my mind. Ever since the race last weekend and talking about it with my parents, it’s been on the brain ever sense.


  1. My mom had her last day of school on Wednesday. Go MOM! Enjoy the summer, relax, take Reese and Kasa for walks, and cater to their every need. Joking! No, but seriously these dogs are spoiled.


  1. I really need to wash my car. This whole gray-ish/black nasty color isn’t working for me. I usually try to keep it super duper clean all the time. A little OCD with my car…
  1. I need to get a good run in tomorrow. Not sure why, but it is on the agenda!
  1. Larabar ALT= Yummers. I am down to my last one to try. Pumpkin Spice I believe.

That is all I have for you today!

Are you craving any special treats?

Do you prefer soft serve with sprinkles or without?

Xo, Tara



  1. Sprinkles are a MUST, but only chocolate for me! Yes, school’s out for the summer! Now it’s time to learn at a more leasurely pace! ISTE convention with 30K tech/educator nerds, here I come! The dogs are way past spoiled. Is there are word for that?

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