Weekly Workout Roundup

Good Afternoon! This last week revolved around my new running shoes and a new love for the plank pose. I also had two rest days. Definitely not a typically thing for me.

Yesterday was the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon!! Congrats to all the runners. I loved seeing all the pictures on Twitter and Instagram! BTW, are we friends on Twitter or Instagram? We should be! I’d love to follow you too!

Twitter: @PNW_Runner

Instagram: PNWRunner

Unfortunately, I did not run the half marathon at the Rock ‘n’ Roll. But instead I did run my own “mock” Rock ‘n’ Roll half! I was rocking and rolling during my run. Well, more like rockin’ out to my music.


Yes I know a half marathon is 13.1, but I had a tenth of a mile more. Ha.

I ended up doing my normal figure eight about the neighborhood, but then decided to explore down a new road. It was pretty flat which was good until I saw a rather large downhill with a bridge. Of course, I wanted to run across the bridge which also meant going back up the hill. At this point it was mile 8-9 I think. I was straight struggling.


The “not so fun” hill. Damn you bridge.


Took a break to snap a pic. I was trying to give a thumbs up…Fail.


Overall, it was a long run at a slower pace than normal. But those hills, they killed me.

But, I am PROUD of myself. I haven’t ran over 12 miles in a long long time. In the just under two hours, I had a lot of time to think about what is next. A marathon? A half? A trail run? Or should I just stick with the Triathlon…If I can run a half, I am sure a marathon could be next. A marathon SCARES me! How on earth can I run 26.2 miles? Then I saw this:


Thumbs up to that.

I might as well RUN while I CAN. I wont SETTLE for anything less than what I deserve. I WANT to push myself.

I need to look into water bottles that I can hold onto with feeling like I am weighed down. I hate carrying stuff without besides my arm band. Any ideas??

Ironically, my legs aren’t that sore. I won’t be running today luckily the weather helped me decide that. Yesterday it was beautiful and today its raining but muggy. Yuck!

Random thoughts:

I need a Garmin or Polar watch.

I want new running shorts, tanks, and headbands.

Have a good Sunday!! 🙂

Xo, Tara



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