Fun Facts Friday- 6/28/13

I hope you enjoyed the LARABAR post from earlier!! Try them if you get a chance.

On another note, here’s some Friday Fun Facts!


Yes, they look more like biscuits, but these scones are truly fantastic. Here is the recipe!


Dinner from last night. Chicken ‘n’ rice! (I never take pictures of dinner)


Continuing to try the Chobani Flips! Yumm.


Dessert from last night. Chocolate covered soft serve from DQ. No sprinkles, but it hit the spot!


Continuing with my personal plank challenge!!


Oh hello there sun. 90 degrees? You bet!

There will be lots of this happening this weekend:

2139466 sn-tanning

Minus the ocean view background. My good ol’ backyard will due! Maybe even a dip in the lake.


So many possibilities.

Have a great Friday! It is almost time for our 2nd Quarter Party for work!

XO, Tara


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