Scenes from the weekend

Anyone else melt this weekend? The Seattle area has quite the heat wave hanging out. I am not complaining though, I love I mean love the heat. I even had the opportunity to run in the heat both Saturday and Sunday. A plus is that I lived while running in 85 degree heat.


Super sweaty is a great look. I highly recommend. Managed 7-8 miles GPS free yesterday and today. This is almost unheard of for me. For the month of July of the CHO challenge I’ve made the goal of running GPS or Music free at least once a week!

Here’s what the workouts looked like this week:

June 23: 60 minute elliptical

June 24: 75 minute cardio + Sweaty 1-2-3

June 25: 45 minute bike

June 26:45 Minute Tabata Treadmill Workout and 15 minutes on the stairmill

June 27: 1 hour cardio

June 28: Elliptical for 9 miles

June 29: 7 miles and The Twelve’s

As you know, I began dog sitting the two beasts on Saturday. Unfortunately, Reese isn’t loving the heat, being full of black hair and all. Kasa, the pom doesn’t seem mind to much.

I’ve been documenting their adventures. Brace yourselves. 005

The walk lasted about 12 minutes. 75 degrees by 8 am. Reese was not down.



Clearly does not care.


Apparently the dirt is cooler? I’ll have to try.


Also, this happened.


Starbucks was needed. Too bad, they spelled my name wrong. You can’t have everything.


96 degrees, No Big Deal.

017 014

A friend and I had to try these. Approved. The Growler had Bellevue’s IPA and the other is 10 Barrel Apocalpse IPA.

Sorry for all the pictures. They captured the weekend. I also have two new recipes to share. They will come on “What the Bake Friday.” Yes, a new topic for Friday’s, I wanted to do something different.

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for a sneak peak!

Twitter: PNW_Runner

Instagram: pnwrunner

Stay cool!

XO, Tara



  1. awww poor pooch, we used to shave our collie every summer…she looked so ridiculous but it was just so hot for her. I have been running sans GPS then switch to heart rate for a bit, it’s good to get away from just miles sometimes!

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