5 ways to fall in love with running!


#1. Buy good running shoes. This is a given. You don’t want to begin your running journey with shoes that don’t fit your feet. This will only lead to injuries which again won’t help your journey. Go get fitted by a shoe fitting specialist. I go to Shoes N Feet. I highly recommend them.

acis#2. Find your own path. Determine whether you enjoy running on trails, pavement or on the treadmill. Or maybe it is a combination of the three. If you find that trail running suits your fancy then go with that.

#3. Step out of your comfort zone. I tend to hear “I can’t run,” “I am too slow,” “how many more miles?” No one expects you to run a 7 minute mile right off the bat. Take it slow and build up to it. It takes practice. When we are young, we don’t instantly start running after we learn to crawl. We have to take our first steps with a few falls in between. You should not feel as though I have to run, you should want to run. I wanted to run this morning at 5:30 am.

#4. Find a Running Buddy! Find someone who wants to start running too. It is a great support system. Plus, you can socialize and gossip at the same time.

#5. Do run/walk interval training. You have to start somewhere and if that is with walking then that’s great! Slowly you can move into running without having to walk. Pace yourself and determine what your body can handle. Many people use “couch to 5k” training programs. They are great tools for those who need guidance or a structured program.


Well said.

How did you fall in love with running or another sport?
Do you have any tips for new runners?

Side note, what type of runner at you? I.e., dog or cat? If that doesn’t make sense, stay tuned for a future post about why I run like a cat.
XO, Tara



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