Yep, I was born to swim. Why I haven’t gone to the Olympics is crazy! Obviously, if you haven’t figured it out already, but the equation of H2O+Tara= not the best match. Why? Not sure exactly, just never fell in love with swimming.

Since I am training for the Beaver lake Triathlon in August, it is mandatory that I get my ass into a pool and lake. Yes, a real lake with real waves, people, etc. I’d love to do it in a pool, but that wasn’t a go. I don’t know why I complain so much about it, this isn’t my first rodeo. Maybe that it has been seven years since my last. No.Big.Deal.


All I hear are complaints. Good job Tara. The complaining will STOP today. Why do you ask? I actually went swimming in a pool. Honestly, I am not a swimmer, never been but maybe in the future. I did my 45 minute indoor bike while watching another new series Breaking Bad. Only watched the first episode, but of course more will come. Are you cereal? Yep!

images (1)


Okkkk back to the workout… after I finished on the bike, I changed into my bikini, got my googles and dove right into the water. Well, not really more like stepped in.

I swam for 20 minutes; doing more than the necessary quarter mile. Honestly, I was dumb founded with what I could do! I haven’t swam in years. Seafair and random boating adventures do not count.

I am proud of myself! For doing something that scares me,  because it is new and I am not good at it!

I might have mentioned that I ran around 21 miles over this past weekend. My hip flexor are mad. Real mad. Something tells me I need to stretch more.


There will be lots of this happening.

Running will be reduced this week which is fine. More swimming and biking! Not to mention strength training and planks!

When was the last time you did something that scared you?

Do you like to swim?

XO, Tara



  1. The last seriously scary thing I did was probably climbing a waterfall in Jamaica. The water was swift and the rocks were slick. I had to rely on a complete stranger to help pull me up at one point! As far as swimming goes- I’m not a fast swimmer. I like to leisurely swim, so a tri is probably not for me… unless there’s a race for slow doggie-paddlers. Lol.

  2. My dad is addicted to Breaking Bad – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!! I think the most recent scary thing I’ve done – as lame as this may sound – is deciding to train for a half-marathon. Committing to the race was scary for me because I tend to doubt myself, and still do sometimes, but like you did with the swimming, I gotta have confidence and just do it! Good luck with your triathlon training!

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