Guest Blog- Nutrition meets Cancer

This is a guest blog post by David Haas from The Mesotheliona Cancer Alliance. The topic of cancer really hits home with me, since someone close to me has been battling it. I won’t get into that.

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Three Great Remedies For Cancer Treatment Side Effects

In these contemporary times, modern technology is being used to help treat a variety of debilitating diseases, including cancer. Yet while forms of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation have proved at least somewhat effective in limiting the degenerative effects of the disease, the use of such treatments can cause problems of their own. For this reason, it is important for individuals who have cancer to learn about remedies for the side effects generated by cancer treatments. Here are a few side effects generated by cancer treatment and the remedies that can make them a thing of the past:

1. Chemotherapy Causes Anemia, Bruising, and Bleeding.

As many health experts know, chemotherapy can cause anemia, bruising, and bleeding. These undesirable side effects are frequently generated by low platelet counts. To avoid the symptoms of chemotherapy, make sure that you are consuming a diet that contains a lot of iron. Examples of iron-rich foods would include green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, red meat, and liver. You can also attain iron from iron-fortified foods like pasta, rice, bread, and cereal.

2. Chemotherapy Causes Hair Loss.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy can affect one’s physical appearance by causing hair loss. There is a solution for this problem, however. By eating more fish, you attain high volumes of vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Both of these components are linked to hair loss prevention. Another great way to prevent hair loss is by consuming foods that are high in protein like eggs, lentils, beans, and meats. To keep your hair follicles nourished, avoid food items that contain sugar.

3. Chemotherapy Increases Risk of Infection.

Although it may be daunting to learn that treating one disease can increase the likelihood of acquiring another form of illness, there are things you can do to preclude chemotherapy from increasing your risk of infection. First, make sure that you are preparing your food carefully. Remember to check for expiration dates and make sure to keep cooked and raw foods separate as you cook. In addition to this measure, make sure that you eat at least five servings of vegetables and fruit daily to get vitamins and minerals that strengthen immunity. (Be sure to wash these vegetables and fruits prior to consumption.)

Although the side effects that can be caused by cancer treatment can generate a plethora of physically and mentally taxing symptoms, effective remedies are available. By learning more about them, you can increase the likelihood that you will walk in great health and wellness.


Thanks David!

I think it is important to know that nutrition plays an essential roll even more so when you have cancer or any kind of illness.

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Have a great Wednesday.

XO, Tara



  1. My mom is a cancer survivor and we eat A LOT of greens and cancer fighting foods in my house! Anytime I see her slipping in the diet department I turn into a harpee trying to get her to eat better to ensure the cancer doesn’t come back!

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