Color in Motion 5k Recap!

Did you miss me?! Sorry, I have been away for the last day or so. I got really busy, but if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw what I was up too!

On Saturday I mentioned that I was going to the Color in Motion 5k in Tacoma! Wow, what an experience! Saturday  ended up being a very long long long day.


Our group! 





 With color!


Goofy, I know. Something straight outta’ the 70’s?

Overall thoughts about the race:

1. It wasn’t timed. I have never done an non-timed race.

2. There were so many people. So many that we were split into “waves.”

3. It got really crowded at every color station. Basically you had to wait in line in order to be sprayed with color. Some people just skipped the stations in general. I thought about doing that.

4. It was far. Tacoma isn’t close. Basically my alarm went off at 5:40am. No bueno on a Saturday.

Would I do a color run again? Yes, but it needs to be more organized.

After the race,  it was time to head to Bremerton for the Beerfest! We got all cleaned up and walked downtown.

003It was my first time going over the Tacoma Narrows! 




Yes, those are pretzels around my neck. Probably the best idea I’ve ever seen!


We needed up going back to a friends house for a BBQ. Overall, it was a jam packed weekend and the weather is continuing to be gorgeous!

High 80’s tomorrow. I am in heaven!



I made some new protein ballz too. The recipe will be coming soon!

BTW, have you done a color run?

XO, Tara



  1. Someone came into my work with those pretzels and I was like “your pretzel necklace is awesome!” and when she told me where it was from I thought of you!! Then I was like booo I work and can’t go! I would have been irritated with the clutter of the run, owell though!! I just signed up for a half marathon in my area, which will be the FIRST race I do RIGHT around the corner!! I usually travel to Seattle or FURTHER for races!

  2. I did a color run in May with my dad and it was such an amazing experience. It was nice just to do a run for fun without being timed. And of course, the end result of looking like a rainbow threw up all over us was priceless. I am doing another color run in August! I’m glad you had a good time at yours!

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