Mariners Game Recap!

Happy Thursday!! 🙂

I only have time to share some photographs from yesterday’s Mariner’s Game!

IMG_2184IMG_2186 IMG_2188 IMG_2198 IMG_2203 IMG_2205

What a beautiful and perfect day it was!

I also had this…


There was no way I could finish it. We were starving by dinner so we all went a wee bit crazy on ordering.

Today is turning out to be another gorgeous day in Seattle. I cannot wait to get off work and go run and bike! 🙂

Does your work host fun events?

Tell me something fun that you’ve done this week!

BTW, the Recipe page was updated today!

XO, Tara



  1. that pizzzza…. mhmmmmm how did you not finish it?!?! mail me the rest.
    looks like a lot of fun! my work def does not do outtings like baseball or pizza! boo.

    somethin fun ive done this week…. is oranize the guest bedroom! decoration and nesting is beginning! hooray! lol….. man, Im getting old. i also decorated it while drinking wine which in my mind, made it seem very sophsticated and more like a professional interior designer.

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