Having a book in your hands

“Yes: The race is long- to finish first, first you must finish,”

This is my favorite quote so far from the latest book I am reading. You know what is a plus? It is an actual paperback, not a Kindle  E-book.

I just re-read what I just wrote and was shocked. Why? Because I am talking about the fact that having a book made of paper in my hands instead of some electronic device is a rare thing. I remember the days when I would sit by the pool and read book after book in paper firm. Now, I have a tablet which is great, but my issue is that I have to remember to charge it.  Ahh, technology. It is a love-hate relationship I swear.


I’ll post a book review later this week. I am about 110% positive that I will be done tomorrow. I’ll follow up with a review of this novel!

Sorry for the short post today. I’ll have more tomorrow!

XO, Tara



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