Sunday Funday!

Another Monday has stumbled upon us. The weekends are just whipping by yet again. Time needs to slow down.

Anywho, I last left you with a lazy Saturday morning post. I mentioned that there was a request for some zucchini bread and that I may have time to make some. Well, over the weekend I ended up making two batches.


Ok, I am not a zucchini or veggie fan, but the bread was DELICIOUS! I was afraid that I would just taste zucchini, but nope that wasn’t the case.


I’ll share the recipe with you all this week. I know you are dying to try it! 😉

I also mentioned that I would try to get a bike and run in. But sadly that didn’t happen, I ended running a bunch of errands then hitting the gym for a quick 40 minute cardio sesh. Then I was off to Sliders to watch the band play with the folks!


There was also a beautiful sunset.

IMG_2435[1]Just gorgeous!!

Sunday morning began with random errands to Costco and Freddies to get groceries. We were having friends over for homemade pizza in the evening, so we had so gather the goods. Mom wanted to bake a homemade German Chocolate Cake too. We had a lot on our plate, especially since neither one of us has baked a German Chocolate Cake before. Let me tell ya, it wasn’t hard- just time consuming.


The final product. YUM! Yes, a Seahawks green tablecloth, duh!

Once it was done, I was off to do the Beaver Lake Triathlon bike course. 650 feet of elevation gain with switch backs for a few miles. No big deal. 

Are you kidding me? Yes, the hills were hard, but I made it like a champ!


Once I made it home, I scarfed down 3/4 of a ALT Lemon Bar and started the pizza prepping. I showered somewhere in there too. I didn’t want to offend out guests. Ha!


We put everything together in stations so that people could pick and choose their own toppings!


Fresh roses! Hmmm smelled so good!

IMG_2451[1]Some of the final product. Shrimp, avocado, smoked salmon with pesto! Hit the spot!


We have half a cake left. Probably not a good thing. Want some? I was a nice daughter and did all the dishes, hit the couch, then moved to the bed for some sleep.


Someone decided that my pillow was hers. Quickly did she find out that, she had the wrong pillow. Hers just simply just next to mine. 😉

Well, that was my weekend. Started out with a lazy Saturday and quickly turned into a productive weekend overall. This is my last week to train for the Beaver Lake Triathlon on Saturday! Ahh!

Goals: Swim 3 more times. M, W, F.

Run and Bike 3 more times. Bike the course one more time at least! 

Do you make homemade pizza on the grill?

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

BTW, don’t forget to enter the GiveawayIt ends on August 15, 2013!

XO, Tara

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