In need

of some motivation this week. I have the big race (it’s a BIG deal to me) on Saturday and my nerves are already creep’n.

I know I will be fine, but I thought that some positive motivational thoughts would be a good thing.

After sometime on Pinterest, here are the ones that stuck out to me.



f8fd427140f5f61d2b0deec6c3978a50 797cc85531a43981c81b24255e30fca3 820cab4b9cb4f9059e4857f98e7e904b



That’s all.

Do you get nervous before races? If so, what do you do?

XO, Tara

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  1. ahhh you will do amazing!!!
    if you are getting nervous, someone once told me that race day nerves are just a sign that you are about to do something GREAT. MEMORABLE. AMAZING.

    You will do fine and even if something nuts happens, like you just stop mid-way or lose a shoe- you started the race and tried. And that is a heck of a lot more than 99% of the population 🙂 We are proud of you no matter what!

  2. Good luck!! I’m sure you’re going to be an all-star. Usually when I’m nervous I just try to define what I’m afraid of. What’s worrying me? What’s that worst-case scenario that I’m freaking out about? And then I pick it apart. Helps me realize that I”m really going to be fine. Just channel those butterflies into some starting line adrenaline!

  3. Good luck!! I definitely get nervous. I like to look back at my Garmin logs and just remind myself of all the hard work I put in. That usually helps me realize how prepared I am and calms the nerves.

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