Thank you & A Change.

Hi Ya’ll,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the kind words of ENCOURAGEMENT. It really made my day! I just know I’ll rock this Triathlon!

On a side note, I decided to get rid of The Daily Sweat page. This page tracks my daily workouts. I’ve been really thinking about whether or not The Daily Sweat page was a good thing for my blog. Coming from the ED side, it can make someone focus too much on what they did that day or last week or last month. This can lead to developing an exercise addiction. I can say that yes, I’ve been there, but it is part of the learning and healing process for me. Too much info for you? Perhaps, but I am trying to keep it real.

Other questions came to mind:

  1. Do my readers only think I do cardio, cardio, cardio and nothing else? This may be true, I love cardio. It is my thing, because I want to keep my endurance level high.
  2. Do people judge me for this? I am sure they do. I have received emails from readers criticizing my normal routine and how it isn’t good. I won’t get into that right now.
  3. How does it affect others who have/are suffering from ED? I don’t want to help encourage those who may be suffering themselves. This leads me to  the issue of the comparison trap. As humans we cannot focus on what other people do. We are ALL different and UNIQUE! What works for me, may not work for you.268316090269829156_TYaC3hN7_f

Basically, I just don’t want to constantly update the The Daily Sweat page everyday and struggle with the thoughts that I didn’t do enough or what are other people thinking. I will still share my fitness/workouts/running recaps in my posts, but I won’t have a page dedicated to it.

Has anyone been there? Has it helped?

Do you feel that there is a comparison trap?

Thank you all for understanding. I know it isn’t a huge deal, but I just want to be upfront! 🙂

I still have my Fitness page that has Ab, circuit and treadmill workouts. I am constantly adding workouts to this page!

On the note of sharing my workouts, I did a 20 mile bike yesterday evening. Ended it with a pretty steep hill that got my legs going. Woo!

XO, Tara

BTW, don’t forget to enter the Giveaway! It ends on August 15, 2013!

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  1. We all fall into the comparison trap at some point and time, and sometimes more than just once. It’s normal and it’s how we handle it that matters. As for people emailing you about your routine..eff that..your routine is YOURS and works for you. I think your workouts are great, and you refuel accordingly so to hell with the hatersss!

  2. I believe there should be no comparison at all! In my opinion someone doing any type of workout/ cardio / or even an evening walk should be applauded just the same! Just as if someone runs 1 mile versus someone who runs 13miles, but I’m sure there are people who do compare themselves. : /

    Again, good luck girly!

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