Blog Shout Out

Every evening when I get home, I put together some munchies- typically a smoothie and Greek yogurt to start.


I open my laptop, start reading blogs, surf the internet, and brainstorm my next topic for a post, etc. I stumbled across a blog not to long ago from Brittany at Blissful Britt.

I wanted to share with everyone  Brittany‘s blog. She has been blogging for quite sometime now and personally I have learned a lot from her. Plus, I love her design!


Brittany describes herself as a vegan with benefits. Read her story about her move to become vegan!

She frequently shares blogging ideas, DIY tips, race recaps and recipes. I am itching to make her Blueberry Banana Bread!

Don’t you want a taste?!



If you haven’t taken a look at  Brittany‘s page yet, you need too. I’ve loved getting to know her through her posts!

What kind of blogs do you read?

Whose blogs do you follow?

Also, I’d love to do a guest post for anyone in the future! Please let me know if you’d be interested!

XO, Tara

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  1. OHH MY GOSH!! This post seriously just about brought tears to my eyes (it doesn’t help that I am extra emotional today.) You are the SWEETEST thing ever and I am so glad we “met” through blog land!!! We also NEED to meet up sometime and get coffee and talk running/smoothies/baking.!!! Thank you for the shout out, I just adore your blog too!!

  2. finding new blogs is the best! especially when you are learn from someone else, share interests, and make a new friend in the process… Brittany is the best. if i had the money, i would just give her a salary to blog FT and all the time. she is hilarious.

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