The Recap (part 1): BLT

I had the BEST birthday. Period.

I completed the Beaver Lake Triathlon and went to the Seahawks Game. My face was smiling from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed.

My BIRTHDAY started out with a lovely 6:00 am wake up call with Kasa being thrown onto the bed. I managed to get maybe five hours of sleep, between tossing, turning, dreaming about the race and ALL the what if’s. My brain wouldn’t shut off.

Since the race is pretty much in my neighborhood, my step dad dropped my mom and I off at the race with my gear in tow.


Don’t I look so happy? Of course I had to have my Happy Birthday balloon to mark my area.


We met up with two of my mom’s friends who also were doing the race with me! I put together my race spot with my towel(s), goodies, shoes, etc.IMG_2462

Here I am powdering my socks. Gold Bond powder helps when trying to put wet-ish feet into sockies.

After my area was set up, the three of us walked around touring the transition areas for the swim, bike and run.

My wave was scheduled to start at 8:03 am. I had just enough time to strip off my sweats and grab my super sexy swim cap and googles.

IMG_2465 IMG_2466

My mom was my biggest fan and support through it all. She was there to motivate and encourage me to work as hard as I could. Thanks Mom! 

IMG_2467About to make my way into the water. I was very worried about whether I was going to freeze in the water, but it was actually WARM! I don’t think I have EVER said that in my LIFE. 

The horn blew and I was off. The swim took me 7:57!!! I am so P.R.O.U.D of myself, because swimming has always been difficult.



Racing to get to my bike to get all my gear on to start the hilly 13.4 mile ride. Unfortunately, there was a crash going down Duthie. I felt so bad for the guy.

I finished the bike in 53.03 minutes. Not bad for using a mountain bike with slick tires. BUT, it saved me. I needed the mountain bike for those damn hills.

IMG_2473 IMG_2474

Why can’t I ever take a good running picture? I always have my mouth open or something. Ha!

Running after a 13.4 mile bike ride with mostly hills leaves your legs feeling like Jell-O. It is a strange feeling, because you know your legs are moving, but you can’t completely feel them. I did the run in 34.20. I manage to keep a 8 mile pace!

POST RACE: I FINISHED!!!!!!!!!! Official Time: 1:38:10

IMG_2476 IMG_2477Look at those SMILING FACES! 😉

They were even doing post race massages. I took full advantage of that. However, it may not have been there most relaxing thing.

We stayed for the award ceremony where the entire crowd sang me Happy Birthday! Embarrassing? YES!

IMG_2478My face must have turned 5 shades of scarlet. 

Post race I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had once again completed a triathlon after a quite extensive break.

I have now caught the TRIATHLON BUG again. I am already thinking about another race in September and getting a triathlon bike that is fitted to me for next season. 🙂

IMG_2480The post-race party!

Thank you all for the motivation and support! I am so unbelievably happy that I could experience this on my 25th Birthday.

Next up- part 2: The Seahawks game/Birthday Celebrations!

Have you done a Triathlon? Duathlon?

What races did you have over the weekend?

XO, Tara

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