Trail Running and Hydration

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! Thank you for making an appearance this week.

I am feeling stupendous after a long trail run yesterday evening!


Yesterday after work I decided that it would be a perfect evening to get in a long run. I ended up running from about half way to Redmond from Issaquah and back. I thought Redquah would be a good nickname. Super unique huh? 😉

The entire run was mostly on a trail that went along Lake Sammamish. I was able to capture some beautiful and interesting pictures.

004Flat as a pancake. Just how I like em’. Well, at least for a portion of my run.

003Random rusty car? I mean if you have been on this trail then you know most of the homes along the trail are worth millions. To see this was quite confusing…

001 002

At the half way point, I found some covered picnic tables. I had no idea they were here. Great place to stretch real quick and enjoy the view.

006I tried using this little guy for the first time. I’ve never ran holding a water bottle before. I was skeptical. I am used to carrying one thing, my arm band with my iphone inside. That is it!

I’ll admit, I hated it for the first few miles. My hand felt constricted and I kept focusing on the damn water bottle. After mile 4, I began to find it useful, because I was thirsty. Go figure right? 80 degrees out and not thirsty?



Fits my hand pretty well. A friend from the gym actually gave me his Nathan Handheld Water Bottle.

He never used it and he remembered me talking about wanting to try one. I am so thankful!


Nathan Sports is known for having some of the best selling hydration devices. Go check them out for yourself!

Overall, will I use the Nathan Handheld Water Bottle? YES! I need to make sure that I stay hydrated during my long runs in the heat. I don’t want to drop dead somewhere from lack of H2O!



Do YOU run with a handheld water bottle?

How much WATER do you drink each day?

XO, Tara

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  1. I think I would feel the same way with a little water bottle in my hand, but I guess it’d be useful when you’re thirsty! I don’t ever run long enough to warrant bringing water with me, but if I did run longer, I’m sure I’d have to find something like a handheld water bottle.

  2. Hi I’m new to your blog! I wish I had trails like that to run. I love running out by myself. Usually I don’t have the energy for an 11 mile run after work so you must be a rockstar 🙂 What are you training for?

  3. That’s a good idea for the water bottle! I haven’t been running much lately, but when I was training for races at school I would map my runs to be sure I had places with water fountains to stop at because I hate running with a water bottle. That little handheld one looks like a good solution!

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