Twenty Dang Things


‘Twenty’ Things post.

1. <——Born n’ raised Washingtonian.

2. I do not eat leftovers. Sorry, it is just weird to me.

3. My middle name is pretty cool. Take a guess?!

4. I ride motorcycles. Fast toys are in my genes!

5. I am an only child.

6. I can’t cook.

7. Book nerd alert. Reading is a passion of mine.

8. I had sixteen piercing at one time. Now, I have two.

9. I have the attention span of a gold fish, I swear.

10. I’m easily embarrassed.

11. I swear I have the small family on the planet. Or very close too it.

12. Biggest pet peeve: being tardy!

13. Shopping=don’t like

14. I used to eat nothing green. No veggies period.

15. Yet, green is my favorite color.

16. I am far from a fashionista. This leads to #seventeen

17. I could wear Lululemon every single day. Too bad that pesky job makes me dress in business-like clothes.

18. I did my first Triathlon at age fifteen.

19. I go to the grocery store a zillion times a week.

20. I love ‘me’ time.

Now that you know me a little wee bit better, it is time to tag someone! Ashley, it is your turn! 😉

XO, Tara

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  1. Oh man being late is the worst!! I hate it and am always at least 15min early every where I go! HA! Whoop whoop born Washingtonians unite! I am also at the grocery store alllll zeee time and green is my favvvvv color too.

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